Fun Dog Toys

Your beloved dogs do get bored too. Since they are one of the smartest four-legged animals out there, they need stimulation and interactive activities to keep them happy and healthy. Playing with toys allows them to solve puzzles and helps them improve their cognitive functions. Anyway since they are man’s best friend they do need stimulation too, much like us humans who need to feel alive and active.

There has been a ton of dog toys out there. Dog toys have greatly evolved from the humble stick that the cave man must have accidentally thrown in frustration making a fire, which the dog returned that now we call the game fetch. Throwing the stone became the fetch the ball game. Now there are even dog puzzles and a whole crazy assortment of contraptions to make your dog or dogs feel interested and engaged.

Why Should We Give Our Doggies Toys?

Sometimes, we are unable to take our baby pets out for a walk, sometimes we are really busy or sometimes we just need to go out. During these times, our dogs feel lonely and bored. A bored dog can start all sorts of havoc in your house especially if he stays indoors and all alone. He can start running around and your flat screen TV may end up broken on the floor if he can’t find any means to make him stimulated. He may also end up chewing up your designer shoes into shreds. One of the best solutions to this is to give him a toy that would engage his attention for a long time.

Another reason for giving your dog toys is for training purposes. He can learn to solve problems through puzzles and toys that dispense food and treats. These can also teach him discipline and patience. You can help him learn tricks such as fetching and retrieving through these toys and games. I especially love toys that allow my doggie to do some critical thinking. Smart dogs are fun dogs after all.

What to Look for in These Dog Toys?

When I shop for dog toys, I always make sure that my dogs are getting the best. I don’t want my babies getting sick or worse is choking. I make sure that the toys are lead-free and appropriate for the size of my beloved pet. Aside from that, I make sure that my pet will enjoy it for a very, very long time. It has to be durable so that if ever he gets tired of it, I can keep it for the meantime and then let my pet play with a different toy first, then reintroduce it to keep things interesting.

Interactive toys are the best. They allow pets to feel engaged. I usually look for toys with unusual sounds, unusual movements as well as unusual designs and contents. If the toy has all these three characteristics then much better. The unusual sounds make your dog curious and keep him entertained. This is great for puppies and even big dogs. This makes a low energy dog feel more energetic and alert. Unusual movements include toys that bob or bop around or bounces by itself. Unusual characteristics come into a wide range. They can be puzzles, dual purpose toys or even toys that emit bubbles or balls.

Here is a list of fun and entertaining dog toys:

1. Indestructible dog toys – These toys are normally made of high-grade rubber that won’t wear out no matter how much your dog chews on it. It provides fun and entertainment to your dog for a long period of time. Some of these dispense food and treats.
Treat Dispensing Dog Toys – These toys are great because most dogs would do anything to find a treat. These toys come in different sizes and shapes. They can be as simple as rubberized squeezing thing that dispenses liquid treats to toys that much more complicated such as puzzles and balls that have secret compartments.

Here is one of my favourite toys, which is called Dog Casino:

2. Sensory Stimulating Dog Toys – These dog toys can really open up a door of possibilities for your dog. It can really stimulate his mind. It allows him to be more curious and learn new things. Some of these toys are like ball releasing contraptions, spinning toys, textured toys, etc. They basically stimulate your dog’s senses, like his sense of touch, smell, and sight. One unique toy I saw is a bubble machine that dispenses bacon smelling bubbles.
Simple Toys – Never discount the power of good old simple toys. The chew bones or fetch sticks can hold much promise to your dog. On the other hand, these toys would normally need you to help out your pooch. Some toys can also be as simple as to give your pet some comfort like a plushie he can hug and sleep with so that he is not alone at night.

There are so many toys that you can provide your pet. Aside from giving him high-quality toys, never forget that he needs love and attention. He needs enough walks and exercise too. You should give him the attention that he craves after dogs are not called man’s best friend for nothing. Since they are friends and dear to us, we need to show them just that. I hope you can find some great and safe dog toys!