How to Save Money on Your Dog’s Food

Gone are the days of giving bones and leftovers to your dog and just any sort of raw meat. Dogs have needs too, and giving him the right food will ensure his optimal health. But the question is can you ever save money while giving your poochie the proper diet? The answer is yes you can! From online deals and discounts to shopping on days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday, you can look after your dog’s needs at cheap prices

Where to Get Savings?

A lot of people think that pricey, high tagged dog food that has fancy names and organic ingredients will the best choice for their pets. However, if you have a healthy and happy dog, giving him dry food and water will do just fine. Occasional wet food and treats will also be helpful for his diet and well being.

Most pet owners fork out a huge amount of money for pet food. The internal debate on saving money versus giving your dog the nutrition is real. But fear not! There are many places to get pet food that will cost you much less.

1. Wholesale stores – Tesco, Sam’s Club, Costco and other large wholesale stores carry big sacks of pet food at a much cheaper price. They also carry dog food at a cheaper price if you buy in bulk.

2. Online – The internet is a goldmine when it comes to savings. You can buy from Amazon and get a hefty discount if you order food on a regular basis. For example, you get dog food delivered every month, you do get a deal instead of buying them randomly.

3. Your vet – Your vet may have access to great discounts and good prices. Ask him if can give you some discounted food or have food ordered for you. There is no harm in asking

Tips on Saving Money on Dog Food

Being a pet owner is difficult. Your dog can’t talk so he cannot tell you what to do and you have to be the one to be in the lookout for him. Saving money and providing him with healthy food can be tricky. But this can be done if you put some effort on it!

1. Research – Don’t just buy randomly, do your research. Check different stores and different prices online. Write down the prices and compare them.

2. Buy on sale days – Websites like this one – make it easy to find great discounts on sale days like Cyber Monday or Black Friday and you can stock up on dog food. Just make sure they don’t expire soon. If you buy kibbles, you can buy more on these sale days and then you’ll have a supply for a long time. Christmas sales and seasonal sales also happen in stores. Make sure to know what are the big sale days and shop for dog food then. I personally use Amazon to buy my dog food, and Argos to get toys and treats for them.

3. Ask for samples – A lot of big companies provide samples if you answer their surveys. Look for free sample programs online or you can write to your favourite brand and ask them if they can give free samples in return for your feedback.

4. Use coupons – Couponing is not just for groceries! It can be done too for your dog. Sign up to discount or coupon sites that roll out dog treats and dog food deals.

5. Make your own dog food – If your dog has a health condition, instead of buying expensive dog food, why not make your own. Dog food can be frozen in your fridge after you make them. The internet is full of tasty doggie recipes you can use. I love this website’s recipes:

6. Buy in bulk – If you compute the price of dog food by the pound or kilogram and compare the smaller packages compared to the big sacks, you’ll see a big difference. Bigger bags like 55lbs or 25kg cost much less per pound/kg than the smaller bags. Invest in an airtight container so that you can make sure that the pet food does not get moist or no bugs go in. It’s practically a small amount to buy this mall container compared to the savings you’ll get in the long run.

7. Contact your brand and buy more – Just like buying in bulk from the store you can contact your pet food brand and they can deliver it to you if you buy in bulk. Just make sure that you have enough storage and check the expiration dates.

Saving money here and there can help you look after your dog well. You can use the spare cash for toys, treats and even future vet visits. Don’t worry that you want to be a wise spender when it comes to your dog’s food. As long as you know what he is eating and that it is healthy food then he will be healthy.