How Often Does Your Dog Need Exercise?

Like any animal, dogs need to exercise in order for him to live a happy and healthy life. Dogs need to release their pent up energy and relieve boredom through exercise. Sometimes, when a dog does not exercise, he or she gets destructive and agitated. He would tend to destroy things and bark a lot if he is not getting enough walks or runs.

Your dog is like a five-year-old kindergarten kid, he needs to run and play so that he can enjoy his life. Without proper exercise, he can get overweight, bored and his muscles can weaken. A bored dog is an unhappy dog. Having about thirty minutes to about two hours of exercise can help your dog attain good physical and mental health.

Walking and Running

Walking and running are one of the best and cheapest ways your dog can exercise. Depending on his breed and size, he can go for daily walks or runs in the park or around the neighbourhood. He can also benefit from other activities such as swimming or playing with other dogs. Having interactive toys also help your dog get some activity. But walking and running are the best forms of exercise for your dog.

Light walks help your dog’s joint become lubricated. It also helps his mental health and lets him explore different places. On the other hand, if your dog loves treats and eating, he really needs to get a run once in a while.

Size and Breed

Herding dogs such as shepherds, collies, labradors and the like need more exercise than others. They tend to get bored easily. On the other hand, flat nosed dogs like pugs and bulldogs only require moderate exercise such as walks in the park.

Any size or breed of dog needs exercise. It does not matter if he is young or old, he will surefy benefit from some sort of exercise. Young dogs normally have a lot of energy and need a lot of movement and physical exertion. On the other hand, even older dogs need to go on walks too. They may have some joint or muscle pain but they will surely benefit from exercising. It would keep their vitality and they can avoid getting arthritis, diabetes and other diseases associated to lack of exercise.

Even dogs who have special needs such as those who are using wheelchairs or are blind still need to exercise. He can benefit from having a fun time as well as feel more loved when you take him out.

Things to Remember

When bringing your dog out for a walk you must keep in mind a few things. You must know your dog well as well as your neighbourhood so that you can help your dog have a pleasant time outside.

1. Bring a potty bag – Well, you never know if your dog needs to go and do potty. It is best to have a baggie to pick up after him.

2. Know your dog’s temperament – Is your dog nervous or friendly? Is he too angry at other dogs? Does he like to pull on you? You must know this to avoid giving your dog stress. If he does not interact well with other dogs then it is best to avoid walking him in areas with other dogs.

3. Be wary of fleas and ticks – Try to find out from other dog owners or your vet if there are any dogs that have picked up ticks and fleas from walking. You need to keep your dog clean and safe. Also, try to stop him from eating stuff along the way.

4. Try keeping up with your dog – Your dog may need to run and so should you while he does. On the other hand, some dogs just want to walk. You need to be patient with him and give him the time he needs. You may also employ a dog walker because walks are important

5. Consult your vet – Your vet needs to check your dog before he engages in any form of exercise. He will inform you what sort of exercise and the amount of time your dog needs. He can also help you understand what your dog wants and needs and how to teach your dog things about going out.

Exercise is crucial for the well being of your dog. He or she needs to feel wanted and needed and to show this, you need to spend time with him. He also needs mental stimulation, just like any sentient animal. Keep your dog happy through daily walks and activities.