How many treats to give your dog

We provide our pets with treats for many reasons – we use them as an aid for training, as rewards for obedience, and just because we like to make them happy! Dogs are just like humans – they enjoy an occasional treat. The question isn’t if we are going to give our dog treats, but rather how many treats to give your dog and what kind!

Indulging your dogs love for treats can become a problem if they cause him to become heavy or obese. This can cause your dog to suffer from osteoarthritis, and face an increased danger of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. According to studies, almost 44% of the dogs in the U.S. are overweight.

Treats have calories, just as snacks for humans do. They should comprise less than 10% of your dog’s diet on a normal day. The treats that he consumes need to be calculated into his total food intake for the day, and the amount from the treats subtracted from his normal feeding.

It’s obvious that treats for dogs should be chosen in the same manner that snacks are for humans in order to get and keep him healthy. When you are looking for treats at the store, check the ingredients to be sure that it does not contain anything that your dog may have an allergy to. If the ingredient list contains words that you can’t pronounce, they may not be the greatest for your pet to eat! Treats with loads of fillers aren’t the best bet either.

Instead, feed your dog treats that he will like, and that is healthy for him. A dog treat doesn’t need to be large – small dogs should have treats about the size of a piece of dog food. And many dog owners choose to use pieces of dog food as a treat. Dogs will love carrot slices (they are nice and crunchy, and it is a flavour they really enjoy.) Apples and blueberries are other favourites, and just as with human consumption, they don’t add calories! They will also greatly enjoy dried sweet potatoes. These make a great treat by themselves, or the dog will really love them combined with turkey strips. You can easily make good, high-quality sweet potato strips at home for your dog, and avoid any chance of preservatives or fillers. They can be prepared in the oven or in a dehydrator, and require very little time or effort.

How many treats to give your dog will vary according to his size and lifestyle. Selecting the proper treats allows you to provide them for him on a regular basis without being concerned about his weight.

There are many companies which produce healthy treats for dogs. Cardinal Laboratories offers Salmon Omega Dog Treats, and the Zukes Mini Naturals Roasted Chicken Recipe Treat is healthy and has only two calories per treat! Natures Recipe Dog Treats come in a wide variety of flavours – including such tasty sounding selections as Chicken, Sweet Potato, and Apple Chewy Dog Treats and Chicken, Apple, and Carrot Dog Biscuits. They offer varieties for puppies, adult and senior dogs, as well as special needs such as grain free, easy to digest, healthy skin and weight.

A simple way to make sure that you know how many treats to give your dog is to prepare them yourself. That way, you are not only aware of what ingredients are used, but can also vary the size that you make so that the calories are limited. There are a large number of recipes available to choose from, including many which are made to avoid ingredients that dogs may typically be allergic to.

Many dogs have allergies to:




•Chicken eggs


•Dairy and


But you also need to make sure that allergies can also be caused by other things so make sure that its not something else such as poisonous flea treatments and see this about natural flea treatments for dogs

Try preparing him such treats as:

1. Organic Dog Treat Recipes – Turkey, Brown Rice & Carrots

2. Grain Free Dog Treats – Liver & Potato Flakes

3. Wheat Free Dog Treat Recipes – Apple Carrot Nibbles with Rice Flour

4. Turkey Wheat Free Dog Treats – Dog Biscuits with Sage & Oat Flour

You love your dog, and knowing what kind and how many treats to give your dog can greatly increase his health and energy, and provide him with a long and full life!

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