How to Properly Give Your Dog a Bath?

Wouldn’t it be a dream if your furry friend smelled sweet and fresh all the time? Well, that would just be a dream. Dogs like to play and romp around. Sometimes they do get dirty and since they have no sweat glands their bodies may smell a mixed scent of pee, mustiness, and dirt. Giving your doggie a bath or grooming him is needed in order for your beloved pet to smell nice and good.

Grooming your pet may be a bit of a scary experience for him at first. Smaller dogs may be a bit less messy when you give them a bath, though they might be more nervous than bigger dogs.

So How Do You Give Your Dog A Bath?

Some dogs may feel nervous and uncomfortable with grooming. Going to a pet salon or vet to have your dog groomed may save you some time though it may feel scary for your pet, not to mention would cost you a lot more. So to save your pet some stress, and to save yourself some money, why not try to bathe and groom your dog at home? You may first need to invest in the essential items, but in the long run, it would really allow you to groom and wash your dog as needed without breaking the bank.

Step 1: Make sure that the bathing area is comfortable for him – Test the water. Check if it just about the right temperature. If it is in a tub, it should be not scalding hot, it is best to make it lukewarm only. Allow your hand to stay in the water to make sure the water is just fine. If you are going to do the bathing outside, the make sure that you are not in an area where it can get muddy. You need to make sure that there is no draft winds or sudden change of temperature that can cause your dog to catch a cold.

Prepare all the stuff you would need for bathing. Dilute the shampoo in a pump bottle or spritzer. Put a rubber mat into the doggie tub or your bathtub or shower area. This will minimize any accidents where your dog can get seriously injured. Prepare the brush and the towels so they are easily accessible.

Step 2: Play a little with your dog to try and make him relax – If you will do this in the bathroom allow him to go there by giving him some treats as he goes to the bath. Praise him a lot to make him feel good about bathing.

Step 3: Brush your dog’s fur so that there won’t be many tangles in it – This also removes the dirt and makes the fur easy to shampoo. If there are any tough tangles, do not force to untangle them. You may want to carefully use your hand to untangle them instead of a brush or you can cut it. You may want to visit a professional groomer to trim your dog’s fur once in a while to avoid twisted and matted hair. Use some cotton balls to plug his ears so that water does not get trapped there. Getting water into his ears my lead to ear infections.

Try to inspect his fur as well for any parasites that may live in there. If you see one make sure to treat it right away. Give the dog a bath first before applying anything. Avoid anti-flea treatments that cause disease and neural complications. Proceed with giving him a bath. Remember to disinfect everything that you have used if he or she has any pests. Wash the items properly and you may also vacuum them and scald the towels in boiling water to kill anything that may stick to them.

Step 4: Slowly wet your dog – Do not overwhelm him with the water and shampoo. It is best to use a no tears formula for the shampoo. You may want to use baby shampoo for washing your dog’s face and head. Try to avoid getting any shampoo or chemicals into his eyes since this may still cause eye damage in the future.

Step 5: Use the pump bottle or the spritzer to apply the dog shampoo – Start with his shoulders and back. Gently massage the formula into his fur. Now go to his legs and paws. Make sure that they are well washed. His paws are normally the dirtiest and smelliest part of him. You may use a small brush to make sure to get the dirt out for there. Next, wash his underside and his belly. Wash his groin as well. Try not to get any soap or shampoo into the genitalia if it’s a female dog since this may really hurt her. If it is a male dog, he may dislike having his privates touched. You may want to use a shower handle that you can use to wash that part. Use a spritzer to spray some shampoo in there for him then wash it quickly using an old pitcher or the shower handle. Lastly, wash his face. Do this very gently. Put the shampoo on your hands rather than spraying it directly on his face. Use an old pitcher to quickly rinse it since using a shower may hurt him due to the pressure or since the shower holes may directly hit his nose or eye. Pour the water gently onto his face.

Step 6: Rinse him thoroughly – Use a shower head handle so that you can really get into his every nook and cranny. If you see any bubbles still appearing on his skin and fur, then repeat the process of washing him down with water.

Step 7: Use some conditioner – This can do your beloved pooch’s fur wonders especially if he has a long mane of fur. This prevents your dog’s fur from tangling. Follow the bottle instructions. Massage the conditioner well into his fur. Some conditioners need to be on the fur for a few minutes to make sure it has an effect; you may opt for quick acting formulas to lessen the time for this step. Give him a thorough rinse after make sure that it is completely washed off; chemical residues cause dust to stick your dog’s fur easily.

Step 8: Towel dry your pet – You need to give him a good rub. Allow your dog to shake out excess water after the bath first; this is absolutely normal especially for bigger dogs. Use a nice warm towel for your pet. Rub him several times till most of the water from his coat is absorbed by the towel. Repeat the process with a second towel to get rid of all the water. Some dogs dislike hair dryers so you may really need to put some effort into rubbing him. Try to be nice and gentle as you do this so that he will associate bathing with a nice pleasant feeling

Step 9: Give your dog’s fur a blow-out – Dog’s with lots of fur such as Poodles, Chow-Chows, Shizhtsus and Pomeranians may need further drying than just doing a towel dry. You can try to find a good dog fur dryer instead of a human hair drier since the sounds of a normal hair dryer can make him panicky and it may be too hot for him. The temperature in a normal hair dryer can cause your dog’s skin to burn. If on the other hand you can’t find one, you may use a small hair drier that is set on cool temperature only. Never use the hot temp on a normal human hair dryer.

Giving your dog a bath and grooming him may be a challenge at first, but with the proper preparation, you can surely do it by yourself. If you have a bigger dog, you may need to ask for assistance from a friend or family member to hold him down or to massage him so that he feels relaxed. Giving your pet the proper care and hygiene can ensure his health and wellness. Remember that if your dog is dirty, it may cause ticks and fleas to live in his coat causing further issues.